Dragon: Fitness, Anime, Martial Arts, Art, Engineering, Recovery Support, & Comics are my interest. I love talking to new people and feeding off their Energy! Ask me anything; hopefully we can circulate our Energy and become better together! Also feel free to submit your healthy meals, snacks and progress photos, kick ass MA vids, fantasy art, and Engineering wonders!

The Power: This is my goal in life, an idea that manifested in me as a child. To build a certain level of Strength, Speed, Endurance, Energy, Control, Intelligence, & Insight. Once I acquire this, i would have then acquired The Power!

Really hard to white out the negative thoughts when the walls are screaming at me. I need to build a hugging robot.

1. September 2014

I look at you, and I want you.. I want what you have and I fantasize..

Then I remember The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side. 

So I think i’ll just stay under my Willow Tree…